Multifamily finance and banking - all in one platform

Simplify your portfolio finances, whether you own 2 units or 2,000.
  • Fast working capital - without added debt
  • Multiple deposit accounts per property
  • Integrate with accounting & PM software

Release is a FinTech company, not a bank.
Banking services provided by Veritex; Member FDIC.

Seamlessly integrated with 13,000+ financial institutions
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
Fast Funding

Access up to $10M in working capital to fund renovations or a down payment

Release provides revenue based, short term funding to multifamily investors. Safely trade a portion of your future rental income in exchange for cash upfront - even with an existing mortgage.
Low Cost of Capital
Low cost of capital
Rates often lower than borrowing from private investors.
Instant access to funding
Instant access to funding
Funds available within 3 days, not weeks or months.
No debt or equity dilution
No debt or equity dilution
This isn’t a traditional loan. And, we don’t take your valuable equity.
Tailored Banking
Multifamily banking made easy.
One log in. Finally.
With Release, you can easily create multiple accounts per property, send and receive payments, and seamlessly integrate with your property management and accounting software to simplify bookkeeping and end of year financials.
  • Multiple Accounts
    Multiple Accounts
    Per property to separate rental income from security deposits
  • Multiple Accounts
    PM & Software Integrations
    Integrates with leading property mgmt & accounting software
  • No Fees or Minimum
    No Account Fees or Min Balances
    Easily create new accounts with just a few clicks. It won’t cost you a penny.
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Why Multifamily owners choose Release
Get better finance, banking and payment solutions.
Typical Business Banking Services
Working Capital
No added debt and no equity dilution
Fast funding
Within 72 hours
Weeks or months
Deposit Solutions
Built for multifamily
Unlimited accounts, partitioned by property
PM software integrations
Open account in minutes online, 24/7
Up to 2 week approval
No minimum balance, No account fees
$1,500+ minimum,
$25+/month service fee
Payment Solutions
Same day ACH
Up to 3 days
Verified/secure wire transfers
Standard, high risk fraud
Business cards (cash secured); build credit history
Personal guaranty,
Generic rewards
Powerfully simple multifamily finance and banking
Simplify your multifamily property finances using just a single, easy solution. Spend less time managing your finances and more time managing your portfolio growth.
Takes less than 5 minutes