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Vincent K.
Release provides smart and innovative funding solutions for a competitive edge
Vincent K. - COO & CFO - 2B Living (3,000+ doors)
About Release
Release helps property owners quickly unlock the value of their future net cashflow without incurring debt or sacrificing equity. Our short-term funding works with existing mortgages and funds are available within three days so that owners can fund down payments or renovations efficiently.
Growth Capital
Growth Capital
Our deals are borrower-focused and allow for creative use of funds.
Instant access to funding
Instant access to funding
Funds available within 3 days, not weeks or months.
No debt or equity dilution
No debt or equity dilution
This isn’t a traditional loan. And, we don’t take your valuable equity.
No credit checks
Getting started is easy
We collaborate with brokers, agents, property managers, and investors to provide creative financing options for multifamily property owners. Our flexible solutions provide your clients with quick access to working capital that doesn’t add debt or give up equity.
Refer your clients
Fill out the partner application. We’ll approve you in less than 24 hours.
Educate your audience
Use your unique referral link and marketing materials to help educate your customers on the benefits of Release.
Earn commission
When you refer a customer to Release and funding closes, you’ll earn a commission.
Losing out on deals is a thing of the past
Release is a creative lender willing to work with any type of multifamily owner. Our revenue-based financing allows us to fund deals that other lenders can’t, so that you never have to worry about losing another multifamily deal again.
No credit checks
No credit checks
Financing is collateralized against existing property revenue, without credit or income checks.
Fast access to funding
Fast access to funding
Deals are funded within 3 days, and your commissions arrive shortly after
No debt or equity dilution
No debt or equity dilution
This isn’t a traditional loan. And, Release doesn’t take equity - a huge value to your customers.
What our partners are saying
We’ve helped capital brokers earn more commissions on deals they would usually lose
The speed and low cost of capital relative to traditional funding makes Release an industry disruptor for multifamily owners seeking growth capital.
Brad Clarizio, Multifamily Owner
Brad Clarizio
We are committed to your success
We’ll help you close as many deals as possible by providing resources to educate your customers on the benefits of funding through Release.
Our commitment
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